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All of our services are customizable and tailored to your organizational or community needs.

Mannhouse Consulting has been providing organizational development design and implementation services such as full-scale business development, holistic program design, project development and inclusive coaching since 2011 and partners with subject matter experts across a wide variety of disciplines across all industries. 

Program Reimagination

Learning & Development

Resource Groups

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Through our Holistic Program Reimagination, you can expect customized elements that are based on a comprehensive assessment of your business needs. Our integrated approach will help you achieve measurable results and deliver actionable steps for optimal success. We work closely with your leaders to design strategy, leveraging organizational development methodologies implemented through change management techniques. Providing personalized support, we specialize in program reimagination in many spaces such as: DEI, Talent Management, Employee Listening, Research & Inquiry, Culture Change, Human Resources and Administration and more! 


We understand that effective learning and development is key to the success of any organization. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality workshops, training and facilitation services, individualized to their specific needs. Our diverse slate of experienced consultants and subject matter experts have a wealth of knowledge and proficiency which they use to design and deliver engaging and interactive programs, that deliver tangible results. Whatever your learning and development needs, Mannhouse Consulting has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.


At Mannhouse Consulting, we believe in the power of human connection and the impact it has on individual and organizational success. We believe that resource group development is about creating a dynamic and sustainable network of learning, unique to your organizational goals. To achieve this, we offer innovative solutions at scale through our inclusive approach grounded in the principles of strategic planning, community building, collaboration, and learning and development. We work with organizations to ensure the communities they support are well-equipped and empowered to drive their organizational goals effectively.

Coaching and Mentoring


We believe that everyone has the potential to succeed when provided with individualized resources and supports. That’s why we offer personalized coaching and mentoring services to help you reach your full potential in a way that makes sense for you! Our team of expert coaches from all backgrounds, provides guidance and support every step of the way, bringing unique insight and perspective through their lived experience. Let us help you reach your personal and professional goals on a journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Speaking Opportunities

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Looking for the perfect speaker? We've got you covered. Mannhouse Consulting offers a plethora of globally renowned speakers, authors and subject matter experts for all of your engagement needs. From conferences to keynotes, webinars and panels, we specialize in offering speaking opportunities provided by experts from diverse backgrounds including previously underrepresented and marginalized communities  to bring perspective and understanding to a variety of topics such as: Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Allyship and Access, Organizational Development, Culture and much more!

Ala Carte


Not seeing what you're looking for or maybe you're unsure which direction to take? Contact us today to inquire about the ala carte services we provide. We deliver services on topics including but not limited to: Diversity, Inclusion, Social Impact Employe Engagement & Experience, Access & Allyship, Organizational Development, Inclusive Leadership, Cultural Awareness, Psychological Safety, Mental Health, Resource Groups, Indigenous Values, Leveraging Communities for Brand Relevance, Talent Management, Emotional Intelligence, and much more!

If we are unable to support your needs, Mannhouse consulting is committed to connecting you to our expansive network of professionals for additional resources and services.

Community Impact

Our core belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive, and we are committed to making this a reality. We aim to use the power of community engagement and advocacy alongside education and research to drive positive social change and promote a more equitable human experience. We are dedicated to fostering collaboration and engagement through initiatives that promote cultural understanding, and advance racial equity in society, business, and education. We actively work to build bridges throughout communities and organizations, emphasizing programs that celebrate diversity and address racial disparity, while empowering underrepresented groups and contributing to positive social impact.

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