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Hear what others have to say!

Check out some of the testimonials our incredible partners and clients have provided. While we appreciate their business and kind words, we know we couldn't do this work without their support and commitment to making the world a better place! 

"Your hard work and determination is remarkable, and you've brought such a great attitude and spirit to our organization. The impact we've seen through the influence you have on our leadership, is insurmountable."

"Asheli--what a successful project! Thank you for all of your hard work coordinating with the agency, communicating the needs to stakeholders, answering questions, facilitating, setting up the staging area, and even helping with the teardown. Your work united everyone on a single mission and helped them understand the process every step of the way, and the execution of the event and engagement were evidence of your influence and hard work, well done! You were a critical aspect in helping everything go smoothly and seamlessly, thank you for sharing your talents with us and setting us up for success."

"Thank you doesn't seem to do justice to encompass everything you have done this year for our organization and for the broader DEI space. So many wonderful things have been accomplished: new foundations, springboards to our future, SO, SO many things. I appreciate your constant urging of betterment and the constant opportunities provided for our community for growth and just to better serve our employee base. I see your passion in this space and it's a comfort to witness. I don't  think I've conveyed how wonderful it is to have you helping us work towards a truly inclusive workplace. THANK YOU for all that you have done and for all that you will still accomplish!! Our Earth is a better place because you walk upon it!"

"Thank you for your leadership and work behind the scenes. We couldn’t have been nearly as effective without all the big pieces being taken care of by your team. The program plan and strategy design makes so much sense and we've seen so much success thanks to you!"

"You have so much knowledge in this space and I love learning from you!  I really like the way that you train and explain everything so thoroughly. All my feedback is positive and truly appreciate everything that you do."

"Asheli has been an incredible partner thus far. Collaborative, always available to connect and quick to reply. She's been supportive of our needs while understanding the organization's goals."

"The program enhancements designed have been amazing. We have support and structure like never before. We know how to move forward and have the guidance to do it now and it's incredible!"

"I've been here 25 years and I've never seen this program run this way or have this kind of success. It's empowering and exciting and the work is being seen. The impact they can have with this structure is limitless."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your insane amount of behind-the-scenes work, negotiations, and conversations you managed to propel our program. I am sure the overwhelming amount of work and effort I observed from you and your team is only the tip of the iceberg of the mountains you had to move to create everything necessary for us to execute. Ever since I met you, I have appreciated your quick responses and detail-oriented workstyle throughout this process, and I look forward to continuing to partner with you as we scale over time into its beautifully powerful potential."

"The kickoff was amazing. I was impressed by how much preparation you put into everything, and was humbled by the number of people who came out to support, and how many leaders joined us to show their sponsorship.  All of this demonstrates the passion and hard work you dedicated.  I know our team has a lot of work ahead of us, but please take a moment to celebrate the great success you accomplished for our community and culture."

"I took copious amounts of notes during Asheli's talk. She has such a breadth of knowledge and truly brings a perspective that makes you open your mind to the possibilities."

"Asheli brings a unique perspective to all that she does from her own lived experiences and understanding of other people. She is dedicated to her cause, and I am proud to partner with her."

"Asheli has been instrumental in the success of our program launch. She comes ready to engage, share ideas, and support getting work done that we share as a group. She's already making a huge impact by bringing enthusiasm and positivity (that is rare in our talent space), becoming an expert in our talent cycle and projects, and overall being on top of her game. It’s been such an honor to work with Asheli, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things she does for our organization!"

"Thank you, Asheli!!! It’s been a pleasure working with you on this. I appreciate your positivity and willingness to jump in whenever we’ve needed support! You are organized and really know your stuff. I look forward to future collaborations!"

"The training presentation was a slam dunk and it's all thanks to your incredible support."

"I could not have been more impressed with the hard work put in by Asheli and her team to pull off this project. Not only did it give us the ability to connect with a community we want to support in a better way, but we were able to share more information about our programs with current employees and show the local community that we support them, and are committed to diverse hiring practices. This event required months of planning and many helping hands to execute, and the passion that this team has for this company and its workforce was more than evident throughout the entire process. I had a blast doing my small part to help and look forward to seeing what else we can pull off when we work together."

"Asheli, I am in awe with everything you do. We are still getting feedback from your training, and I can't wait to bring you in to partner in a bigger and more impactful way. Thank you for the work you do."

"I came into this having no idea how to do this. This training helped me understand both how to think about this process and how to actually execute effectively.”

"I will remember this experience due to the way it was taught - the impact was strong because of the personal experiences we were asked to draw upon. Making it personal makes it purposeful."

"I enjoyed the approach of educating people about biases in a realistic-humanistic way that could be better absorbed. Educating my managers on the different aspects of biases in the workplace can help them be more engaged and mindful in hiring."

"The way it was delivered was so memorable. The facilitator was highly engaging and made it more conversational than one sided."

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