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What's Happening?

Here you can find additional information on events, activities and initiatives we are attending, supporting, developing, facilitating or speaking at.

Check back regularly to stay in the know about whats happening in our world! 

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Chezie: Intent to Impact - The ERG Podcast

Check out this episode of Chezie's ERG Podcast where we had the opportunity to meet with founder Dumebi Egbuna, to discuss the importance of a data-driven ERG strategy and unpack topics on global strategy adaptation, the evolution of ERGs to BRGs, and enhancing employee engagement. You don't want to miss this engaging episode filled with practical advice and deep dives into creating impactful, inclusive environments within your workspace!

Key take aways are:

✨ It's important to distinguish between ERGs and BRGs, as the former is meant to focus on employee inclusion and well-being while the latter is meant to do the same + drive business impact.

✨ Developing annual plans well in advance is crucial to proactively align initiatives with organizational strategies, track progress, and effectively report achievements.

✨ Through feedback obtained from engagement surveys, focus groups, and direct communication with leadership teams, programming is tailored to meet employees' specific needs.

Racial Justice at Work Summit

RJAT Summit April 2024 - Asheli Mann-Lofthouse.png

We are honored to support our sister org, Cultural Outreach and Racial Equity Collective NFP in speaking at this incredibly impactful event alongside DEIJ leaders across all industries.


Justice for all is not just a pledge. It's a vision. It's a commitment. It's action.


The Second Annual Racial Justice at Work Summit is about exploring who we need to be, what we need to know, and what we need to do to make justice for all a reality. Join us virtually April 23-25!

The Rules of ERG Engagement Tour

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Step into the world of The Rules of ERG Engagement, where we're tackling the topic on most ERG Leader's minds... why it feels like pulling teeth to get folks truly involved in ERGs and how to combat that. If you're ready to see your ERG go from the background to the spotlight, this is where you need to be. Get set to walk away not just pumped up but armed with the tools to make some real changes in your ERG Program.

Visit us in LA April 26!

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ERG University: 2024 ConvERGe Conference

We're excited to join the ERG Leadership Alliance in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey, June 5th and 6th to coach resource group leaders on how to effectively and confidently manage their day job, while also supporting their communities as ERG champions

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HRO Today, Engage! 2024

Join us in Chicago, Illinois on June 10th and 11th where we will discuss

The Power of Storytelling: Using Personal Narratives to Drive Empathy and Understanding in DEI

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IDEAs Web Series and Podcast

Check out IDEAs with Michael Bach, a new web series where Michael will sit down with thought leaders to discuss important topics related to inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

Join us live on August 21st, where we will transparently chat about Communicating Inclusively Through Conflict

Check out some snapshots of what we're been up to, where we've been and who we've supported!

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