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Asheli Mann-Lofthouse
Organizational Anthropologist 
Founder & CEO + Principal Consultant

"My goal is to encourage individuals to think outside the box, while keeping the core principles of your organization at the heart of the work and empower communities to advocate for their unique needs to achieve success leveraging the holistic human experience."

Global consultant, keynote speaker, program developer and facilitator for organizations such as: Marmon Holdings Inc., Arizona State University, Villanova University, ALDI Inc., Northern Illinois University, Kraft Heinz, Open Table, Kayak, The ERG Movement, The Association for Successful Parenting, The Winters Group, HRO Today and more!


Asheli Mann-Lofthouse is an Organizational Anthropologist that draws from her personal background and 15 years of DEI, human resources, and organizational development experience to lead the design and implementation of organizational, community and educational strategies that foster a culture of belonging and inclusion aligned with entity imperatives. With expertise in development and execution of strategic initiatives, Asheli empowers communities and organizations to break down systemic barriers, heal divisions, align value-driven priorities, and support diverse talent pipelines that allow each individual to thrive. Her unique anthropological approach promotes awareness, allyship, and social justice by understanding holistic and diverse human experiences. 

Asheli is actively committed to contributing to social and organizational impact efforts in partnership with local, state, and federal organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, communities, and business from all sectors in need and has a proven track record of delivering results in equitable [and efficient] process and program management, evaluation, and improvement through learning and leadership development and priority alignment. Asheli is a servant leader and life-long learner, committed to understanding individuals from all perspectives, using anthropological and ethnographic methodologies to impact barriers for those facing adversity leveraging listening, organizational development and change management techniques. 

Asheli is a non-profit board president and CEO, executive museum advisor, and expert consultant and facilitator, offering a full suite of solutions on topics such as access, change management, cultivating culture, diversity, employee engagement and experience, entrepreneurship, equity and inclusion, Indigenous values, mental health, organizational development, psychological safety, resource groups and storytelling and beyond!

Our Team.

Garland is committed to student success in higher education, with a focus on those that need support and resources to thrive. With extensive experience in student affairs, gender equality and inclusion, Garland has dedicated her career to coaching individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Formerly the Director of Campus Life, Garland is an expert in data collection, analysis and supports the growth and development of communities across all populations through social learning and engagement. 

Devynn is an administrative professional and small business owner with a comprehensive background in early childhood education and development. Devynn is committed to supporting the success of youth from all backgrounds and experiences. 


In addition to providing resources for children and young adults, Devynn is dedicated to the development and community building of Indigenous peoples with a focus on life-skills, values and empowerment through confidence and navigating through challenge. 

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